Alkafeel Omnnea Telecommunication Company

Established in 2007, Al-Kefil Umniah is a full-fledged IT lifecycle in addition to its wireless communications and system development services to meet the needs of its residential and commercial customers. The company's arsenal of professionals and competencies who develop communication systems and their applications, program and project management, systems engineering, business process analysis and re-engineering, quality assurance and quality control, and business continuity planning.

Titoz Chips Factory

The Jobs, Skills & Impact Working Group focuses on issues that pertain to Europe's greatest resource: its people. The future of Europe and its industries depends on the workforce of today and tomorrow.

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As competitiveness emerges in economic development, it captures both the limitations and challenges of global competition. The Competitiveness & Innovation Working Group engages in dialogue with policy-makers, authorities and research institutions with a view to contribute to Europe's ability to maintain in the long term a vibrant and innovative manufacturing base as well as quality jobs.

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The Energy Transition & Climate Change Working Group seeks to create a holistic approach appropriate to the international context to address the significant challenges that Europe and the planet are facing.