Association in brief

Iraq Federation of Industries was established on Monday 07/08/2019 as a non—profit organizational institute for Iraq Industries owners (investors in the industrial sector) in the State of Iraq.

The Association membership includes about 300 industrial establishments licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry or the public Authority for industry.

The Association aims to serve the industry and its industrialists and take care of their interests by improving their performance and upgrading and supporting the national economy. The Association also aims to raise the level of workers in the industry in the technical aspects through developing their abilities by doing the following:

1 - Serving the industries held and raising the will and capacity of development.

2 - Condoning technical, economical and statistical research studies to Issue In publitions specialiled to serve our members.

3 - Organizing training murses and scientiric lectures lor our members and workers in the industrial sector.

4 - Rais’ g the level or proiessionalism and technicality and promoting safety to the Interest to our members and encouraging national employment.

5 - Cooperating with government agencies to study of what could help in strengthening the industry and its prosperity.

6 - Cooperating with unions, ass ions and similar bodies in the Arab world with the respect in succeeding the objectives of the union.

7 - Conducting industrial conferences and seminars and participating in conferences and seminars related locally and globally.